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I always have problems with the calculator reading what I write into it. My handwriting on an iPad screen isn’t bad at all, but apparently this app thinks otherwise. Whenever I write a dot symbol for multiplication, about 3/4 of the time it comes out as a decimal. For some reason, this also happens when I write in the subtraction and addition symbols. I really regret buying this app.

No Variables

Sure this is a great app and very useful, until you need to use variables and it’s no help at all. This app is terrible with algebra, which is the whole reason I downloaded it in the first place.

My Go-To Calculator

It works just like writing on paper but so much better. Entries are recognized flawlessly by the app, corrections are quick and easy and the history is easily available. All this my handwriting without having to hunt and peck. Excellent work!

Great app—wish I could store variables

Great recognition for the Apple Pencil, but I wish there was a way to store variables and formulae


I really like it

Quick and useful

Highly recommended for quick calculations.

Bottom line, doesn’t recognize American 7s

We don’t write our 1s like 7s and don’t put lines through our 7s. Not for Americans and until they fix this, it’s too erratic and cumbersome. Need to have a setting for American usage. I write the number 17 and it comes out 11. I’m not going to change for the app. FIX IT!

Straight up magic

Shocked at how good the hand writing recognition is! Especially since I have THE WORST penmanship.



App works great !

App is just work great👍 Far better to draw the number with finger and calculate ~ it ! Waiting for more better feature to come on next update ~!

Despite having rating nags turned off

The company disregards my wishes and nags me at very annoying times. I had to hold a number in my memory, and when I switched over to write it down, a rating nag pops up. I have to read through the options with a number in my head, and I ended up recording the wrong one. Nice. All so the company can spam me AS I'M CALCULATING. If devs had their way, I'd do nothing but type reviews all day. It's asinine. What the customer wants or needs is secondary to the whimsical wants of the company. I can never work, confident that I will be unimpeded. I always have to be wary of when the next nag is going to intrude. Let me ask you something, if I wanted to type a review, why would I be using a calculator? I mean, don't you have your answer right there? Better yet, stop punishing me for being a customer and feeling entitled to use my device to send me text messages begging me for stuff. At the very last, stop being hostile to customers, and respect their choices. Anyone that doesn't 1-Star rating nags aren't part of the problem, they ARE the problem. Don't be the problem.

not that good for math

only does simple math and doesn’t do polynomials and limits and such. terrible calculator

Needs non-calc area

I'm using multi-window of writing app and this app on iPad. If I could define non-calculation area to write down math formula or chemical formula before number calculation, I wouldn't need multi-window and could use this app on wider full screen.

Still in it’s infancy !

i would very much like to see this approach evolve into a programable version with plot graphs, modeling itself after the HP 48gx !!!


Great app. It would be even better if it could incorporate units of measure (feet, minutes, grams/mL, etc). Perhaps as an in-app purchase?

Helpful... but

This app is incredible, it’s only downsides are it doesn’t really recognize less than, greater than, less than or equal too, greater than or equal too, if you get the idea. If that could be fixed up, I’m not sure how this app could get any better

Lots of fun

This app is lots of fun to play with and handy when working on budgets for events. However, I do agree it would be more useful as an educational tool if algebra functions were added. I’m planning to use this app for a basic math for programming class and will update my review after i've started the class.

I equation support like the old one..

The old app looks better on video I tried to put in a fraction equation with x so -x/4 = 5/2 nothing works it refuses to see x as a letter and the left side as a fraction.... Please improve!!!

Needs to be better

This is a decent calculator, but the app it’s self has terrible recognition when it comes to certain things. A good calculator but it’s not worth $2.99.

Helpful to see everyday calculations on magical paper

This is quite a useful app. It’s helpful to see your math on a page anytime you have the chance to write it down. This time, however, the page finishes your calculations once you show your work. Magic. This is something from the future. Helps me with mundane household budgeting when comparing shopping options. Especially great with the Apple Pencil, where I use this app the most, though the iPhone app is there in a pinch when you’re out and about. Very cool stuff. It would be cool to be able to change the weight of the ink; I think it’s too thick. Altering the auto-calculate time to be a little bit longer would be good too, perhaps as an adjustable setting.

Great improvement

I wasn’t sure if paying for what seemed like minor improvements was worth it, but it is. Just the ability to take the total of one equation, drag it to the next line, and work with that number in a new equation is fabulous. I use it far more than expected. If there was to be one improvement, it would be the option to have numerical commas inserted. 5-stars, though. No doubt. Big thanks to the MyScript.

Fails with decimals

This app constantly fails to correctly capture decimal signs, making it practically useless for me. I purchased because the original version worked well... unfortunately I cannot say the same about V2

Some improvements to be made

This app is rather useful, though there is definite room for improvement. It often thinks that 1s are absolute value signs, or that division is a subtraction sign. As far as features I would like to see added, solving equations would be a great feature, and should be relatively simple to implement. This would also open the door for derivatives, integrals, evaluated between notation, etc. In its current form, I don’t think the app is worth the price.


This app just puts random numbers in for anything and can’t recognize something for the life of it, also it completely breaks when you try to use variables. Normal calculator apps that are free are better.


Great app. Very useful.

It’s useful

Sometimes it transforms the numbers before I’m done writing (edit: turning off the recognition is great). Then it interprets stuff wrong, like slashes get turned into minus signs, ones get turned to minuses, negative powers get turned into minuses. Scientific notation needs to be implemented.

What about variables

I like the app but it cannot solve equations. For example 2x+9y=-10, how could the calculator solve that it cannot solve equations or the slope or anything like find x. This calculator is more of numbers than letters you shouldn’t just put numbers. What if we wanted to find a diff answer then what, other than that great app.

Needs exponents

Simply doesn’t recognize stuff like x-y=y+x

Good calculator

Good calculator but would love to have the option to show step by step problem solving.

Better Than Normal Calculators

It’s better than all the other calculators because it can solve the literal equation how many of you guys have been asked this question example: 5+?=10 well this calculator can solve those kinds of questions over all great app

Has potential but needs to solve Algebra

I would love to be able to solve algebraic equations. It would make sense to have an Algebra mode for recognition for variables and other algebraic functions. Sure there is the ?, but variables would be nice.

Not for smaller device users

There are a few major problems on this app. For example, it is very difficult to write any equation because the writing space is very limited; though that might be just a small device problem. Another problem is having a difficult time editing the equation. Say you wrote an equation already. You then realize you messed up and try to fix it~ it gets confused and tries to put something else instead or it just doesn’t work at all. This is happened to me plenty of times and it’s gotten to the point where I’ve given up. Everything else works fine though, like the simpler problems. All in all I think this app is all right, although if I had to say, I would NOT recommend purchasing this item. Very disappointed in this!

I want this to be 5 star

I would give this a five star but after using the app on home work and other things it doesn’t have the best recognition with certain things it doesn’t seem to know that • also means multiplication, or the division sign that looks like the square root sign, if these were the only two recognition problems I would give it five stars at its current version, but it seems to have a BIG problem with algebra, which yeah not many calculators know algebra but when yours does and you show it off in the tutorial it should be good especially in a pay to use app, it’s also bit annoying having to use a ? to show a variable but what ever, but my main problem is it doesn’t usually know the difference between swiping that means “go away” and swipes that mean (enter number here) if these few issues get fixed then I couldn’t recommend this app enough but as it is it sill is a useful app for people who need calculators

This app is amazing!!!

Ok first of all I would like to see variables and a note taking page to write down formulas and stuff. Otherwise keep up the great work!!!❤️


As someone who struggles with math, or fractions in general, this app is amazing and it really helps me out. Since most calculator apps don’t feature a easy fraction option. This is a necessity for all phone users or those who struggle in math like me. It’s well worth the price.

Good at first

At first this app is awesome. It’s amazing that it can translate what you write so clearly. It actually is pretty impressive. I decided to try it out to see how accurate it is however it cannot do any college algebra problems. When I try it just gives me a question mark. I read some reviews and others seemed to have the same problem with high school algebra. This app has great potential to become better than Mathway and Photomath if it adds geometry and algebra aspects. Hell if they made a version of this app just for algebra, I’d buy it.

Worth it

I pre-ordered this app and it was totally worth it. This is a must need app. It would be great if it allows multi variable algebraic expressions and equations (instead of just "?"). Overall it’s a great app!

Lack of functionality

I am disappointed by the lack of functions, as someone who used your previous app which was fully functional though didn’t calculate, it is disappointing that this app can not solve “complex” equations such as finding the value of a variable in equations such as: 3+X=2, due to the fact that it does not recognize variable. While is can solve equations such as “2 x __ = 8” saying the empty area is four. The function is immensely confusing. I do not however want to trash this app as a programmer I am in awe of your hand writing recognition capabilities, though I am disappointed in its lack of ability to compute most every equation, especially series’s. In any case, nice work.

Fantastic calculator!

Really easy to use and works well on IPhone X!

Can’t solve for variables

This definitely should be able to solve for variables


That is really good example it is really good at understanding your handwriting and equations but fractions on the other hand it is not good at that all right 2/4 and it comes out with 1×2. Can you please fix this!


This is a very good app. After playing with it for a couple of hours I decided it deserves a spot on my home screen. One must be careful with the placement of a decimal or not be too sloppy with writing out an equation but the app handled everything I threw at it.

I’m speechless!! ❤️

Sorry my English is weak. This calculator app is the best calculating app that I have used in my whole life. My huge thanks and Appreciation to the people who worked on the App. ❤️❤️

Please add Persian language

This program is very useful . Please add Persian language . Thanks

Very useful!

My only complaint is every time I try to write the percentage symbol it corrects it to zero over zero.😝

Holy crap!

Most useful calculator app ever!

Amazing technology

I’ve only used it once, just playing around with it to see how accurate it is and I’m amazed at the simplicity and ease of use.

Same as original app 😞

This app is exactly like the original app with no tangible changes or improvements. Just a quick way to earn a buck (from a sucker like me) without putting any work into it. The app STILL won’t calculate in landscape 😞.

Natural input is so comforting vs pushing buttons.

Been waiting for an update for ages and it is finally here. We have been drawing and writing on caves wall from early records, natural inputs are just so second nature. Looking forward for updates to other ageing apps from same dev.


Mathaway is by far better and the free version of mathaway actually can solve 9x+9y this program cannot it’ll mistake y for 1 and re-edit your math problem completely frustrating I hope updates fix this if not it’ll be deleted off my phone and avoided like the plague. It claims it can do algebra, geometry and calculus but when you type anything in it rewrites your problem you want it to solve

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